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Inbound Logistics, meet the next level.


Your Logistics team has tried everything…and tried it again. They’ve negotiated new carrier rates. They’ve made use of backhaul trucks. They’ve pooled LTL in Truckload shipments, or sent it through redistribution points. So why should next year’s results be any different?


Reality Check

Inbound logistics feels like the tail trying to wag the dog – despite your best efforts, your performance is in someone else’s hands. That’s because upstream purchasing decisions  your order sizes and timing – are the biggest drivers of freight cost, forcing shipments to run LTL or preventing consolidation opportunities.


The Real Problem

Inbound logistics suffers dramatically when it works in a silo. Logistics teams have had no means to systematically collaborate with Purchasing to plan more efficient shipments.


What To Do

Our customers use Crossbow to implement a continuous planning process across Purchasing and Logistics. This cycle identifies better ordering and routing patterns, and then monitors daily activity to lock in results. It’s a revolutionary approach to inbound logistics. Yes, next year can be different.

Our Solution

Crossbow creates a new kind of ecosystem across your Logistics and Purchasing teams – one of planned behaviors, structured communication, innovative solutions, and target-driven feedback.

It starts with centralized data, and instant visibility for both teams into the critical levers they each have to improve their combined performance. They begin to have conversations they might not have had before. They jointly build specific freight cost reduction solutions to drive measurable results. Performance monitoring compares every shipment to financial targets and exposes opportunities to improve. Workflow keeps everyone aligned and taps into expertise where it lives. Communication tools transform elusive tribal knowledge into operational insights that are automatically pushed to future personnel.

With everyone measuring and monitoring against targets, your team is ready to take on the big dog: planning ordering and routing patterns simultaneously. Crossbow’s patented optimization engine shows you how to work within the confines of your inventory replenishment constraints to improve freight consolidation. A 10-20% overall freight cost reduction is often on the table.

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