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Equip your team with the focused insight and rapid response capability needed to drive your food spend programs and partnerships.

How OnDemand Works

OD tablet whiteOnDemand is a software-as-a-service solution that drives hard savings for restaurant chains and their purchasing organizations.

1. Rely on clear, clean information. OnDemand connects into your supply chain partners and cleanses, merges, and maps their information to give your team one version of the truth, in your language.

2. Focus on opportunities and threats. OnDemand doesn’t stop at visibility. From the very first screen OnDemand tells you what needs your attention today to drive lower cost and better service for your operators.

3. Take Action. Now that you have the key opportunities in front of you, OnDemand gives you the tools to take action, and the analytics to track progress.

Eliminate Price Discrepancies

Performance_Control_IconHow much time, money, and attention are you spending every month chasing and recovering the last month’s price discrepancies? It doesn’t have to be this way. With OnDemand you can audit 100% of your contracted spend, and take a pre-emptive approach to eliminating price discrepancies by automating the examination of contract price updates and streamlining communication between you and your supplier.

Increase Contracted Spend


More spend under contract means greater cost control and product consistency. However, most category managers and buyers find they can only focus attention on a portion of their products. OnDemand keeps watch on 100% of your spend, alerting you to opportunities to increase contracted spend and reduce instances of off-contract purchasing.

Achieve Product Quality Compliance

Analysis_Efficieny_IconIn the restaurant business, one quality issue can lose a customer for life. That’s why consistent product quality management is essential to the success of any foodservice company.  OnDemand will accelerate your response time and improve your quality issue closure rates. With alert-driven complaint management, resolution workflow and quality trend analytics, you will not only recover more credits from suppliers, but pinpoint overarching issues with a specific product or supplier before they spread.

Prevent Stock-out and Obsolete Inventory

Program_Compliance_IconHave your inventory at the right place at the right time. OnDemand puts your inventory levels on display in every part of your network. See how much of each product your distributors have on-hand and on-order and create alerts when inventory levels are below emergency thresholds. Whether ramping up for a promotion or managing seasonality, never again run the risk of disappointing customers by running out of stock on your biggest seller.


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