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Turn your Inbound Logistics team into a savings engine. Crossbow equips you to be more responsive, target-driven and able to tackle advanced savings strategies in your inbound logistics network.

How Crossbow Works

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Crossbow is a Software-as-a-Service solution that elevates your inbound logistics performance in three steps:

1. Be more responsive to your network. Crossbow collects, merges and transforms TMS and other network data into a continuous breakdown of what drives your savings and where to take action.

2. Make operating decisions target-driven. Crossbow applies financial and operational targets at a purchase order and shipment level to provide immediate feedback across your team, often in time to course-correct before savings are lost.

3. Find new ways to save. Crossbow’s patented optimization capability finds savings by adjusting order patterns to improve freight consolidation.

Control Financial Performance

Without monitoring, even the best supply chain planning dissolves during daily shipment execution. Crossbow gives your team instant insight to the financial impact of shipment-level decisions, to correct course and stay on target. Reacting to last quarter’s problems is no longer good enough – with Crossbow, your organization takes pre-emptive action as soon as freight costs are threatened, even saving margin before it is lost. 


Manage More Freight

Freight_Management_IconMany organizations seek to grow their Freight Under Management, but struggle to collect pickup allowances from suppliers, and hit a ceiling because they look for opportunities one lane at a time. Supply chain organizations use Crossbow to break these barriers and increase managed freight by 20-30%. Crossbow focuses your efforts on high-potential lanes, accelerates the collection of allowance information, and utilizes the power of your network to turn previously disregarded freight lanes into high performers.

Increase Freight Consolidation


Companies using purchasing flexibility to improve freight efficiency can carve as much as 20% out of their inbound freight costs. Crossbow focuses on achieving this cost reduction. From identifying and executing these opportunities to monitoring and measuring them, Crossbow transforms your inbound supply chain into a profitability engine.


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