Crossbow - ArrowStream


Increase Gross Profit
Companies using purchasing flexibility to improve freight efficiency can carve as much as 20% out of their inbound freight costs. Crossbow focuses on achieving this cost reduction. From identifying and executing these opportunities to monitoring and measuring them, Crossbow transforms your inbound supply chain into a profitability engine.

Increase Freight Under  Management
Many organizations seek to grow their Freight Under Management, but struggle to collect pickup allowances from suppliers, and hit a ceiling because they look for opportunities one lane at a time. Supply chain organizations use Crossbow to break these barriers and increase managed freight by 20-30%. Crossbow focuses your efforts on high-potential lanes, accelerates the collection of allowance information, and utilizes the power of your network to turn previously disregarded freight lanes into high performers.

Align Capacity to Preserve Margin
Carrier capacity in the market has become extremely volatile, which means you are competing and paying more to have your freight moved. Crossbow makes your freight more attractive to carriers by aligning ordering and routing patterns into a predictable flow. That’s right—the same tactics that drive down your freight costs through better truck utilization will also keep your carriers wanting more. In a market that has seen few wins, that’s a bonafide win-win scenario.

Ensure Program Compliance
Supply chain plans fall apart every day, but instant insight to financial impacts offers the opportunity to correct course and stay on target. It is no longer enough to know what went wrong last month – with Crossbow, your organization can take pre-emptive action as soon as an upstream purchasing decision threatens to escalate downstream freight costs, effectively saving the margin before it is lost.

Achieve Analysis Efficiency
Many supply chains conduct planning to optimize behaviors across business silos. However, by the time the data is collected, merged and reviewed the supply picture has changed and the few solutions found are stale. Sound familiar? The supply chain is dynamic – your supply chain planning should to keep up. Unlike other planning technologies, Crossbow is built for a continuous planning model. Solutions are found in minutes, not weeks, and workflow automatically engages the right stakeholders across your organization to validate those solutions and bring them to life.

Gain Performance Control
Tight control of an Inbound Freight program requires performance visibility beyond cost per shipment. Are you managing the right freight lanes? Are you adjusting high volume lanes to absorb your low-volume shipments? The more you have to dig for this information, the less you will. Crossbow highlights the high-impact issues, exposes root cause, and tracks corrective action – quickly, cleanly, and with no shovel required.