ChainBrain’s technology services enable a collaborative approach to optimize spend across your supply chain through technology and process-driven workflow that provides a less resource-intensive and repeatable sourcing process for you and your suppliers.

How ChainBrain Works

  1. chainbrain-screenSearch, qualify and connect with suppliers. Harvesting ArrowStream’s database, ChainBrain continuously collects data from 6,000 suppliers including products, plant locations, distribution routes, services and capacities, and client references while providing pricing on a single platform.
  2. Manage the product sourcing process from a single dashboard. ChainBrain enables your team to solicit products from new or existing suppliers, evaluate critical criteria specifications, and manage responses to help determine the best supplier for your supply chain.
  3. Easily access food commodity cost of goods analyses and forecasts. ChainBrain aggregates and evaluates product data and the commodity market forecasting which provides additional decision points to enable achievement of maximum supplier quality and organizational sourcing goals.

Collaborate with Suppliers

Find the right suppliers that fit your organization’s needs as well as provide a repeatable process for both your organization and your suppliers.  Enable suppliers to better address your annual product as well as promotional needs in a single application.

RFP Product Sourcing

Eliminate most of the manual efforts that go into in your sourcing process with a data-driven and more efficient way to manage an RFP – from invitations to award.  Extend bids to preferred or new suppliers while enabling all stakeholders to evaluate quickly and compare supplier attributes and responses.

Measure Your Supply Chain Contributions

Leverage ChainBrain’s dashboard to measure, communicate and simplify sourcing savings and metrics as well as communicate success stories based on intelligent, real-time data.  Start utilizing internal resources more effectively by spending time on strategic sourcing initiatives and driving annual savings while improving your supplier relationships.


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