Supply chain planning is the easy part…


…measuring and maintaining results is another story. Are we executing against the plan we so carefully constructed? Where are we falling short and what corrective action is underway? By the time I answer these questions will it be too late?


Reality Check

Any gap between planning and execution is debilitating to supply chains.

Don’t know whether your operational improvements have worked? That usually means they haven’t.



Real Problem

Your supply chain evolves every day, so your plans need tending, monitoring, and course correction. If you need to wait two months for spreadsheet wrangling to tell you a plan that is now irrelevant also wasn’t working last quarter, you will simply never catch up to the reality of your own supply chain.

And you’ll never know how much it cost you.


What To Do

With Crossbow, our customers set financial targets and operational rules that can be applied to every order, every shipment.

Automatically monitor orders and shipments against these targets, and alert the right people proactively, so they can uncover and fix a problem even before the shipments are tendered and the savings lost.


Our Solution

Crossbow builds a constant link between your supply chain planning and day-to-day execution. Have your new carrier agreements worked out as planned? Are you being charged correctly now for pallets? Are your buyers hitting you minimum order quantities? Are the new lanes you brought under management delivering the projected savings, or have they slipped underwater?

Crossbow keeps everyone on track with alert-based reporting that monitors day-to-day progress and financial impact. Everyone in your Inbound Logistics program can now proactively make decisions and see how their contributions help accomplish the program’s overall goals. Crossbow will open up dialogue between departments about the success of the process and if it needs to be adjusted. Any issues that require action are tracked, freight lane by freight lane, providing you a closed-loop continuous improvement structure.

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