Gain clear visibility into your product spend and inventory levels at each distribution center. Dashboards and targeted analytics enable your team to identify opportunities and increase contract spend, understand spend by product category or supplier, and ensure appropriate inventory levels are maintained across your supply chain.

What can a supply chain visibility software solution do for you

Supply Chain

Get an accurate picture of your product spend and inventory levels

Provide your team with clear and accurate data on your product spend and inventory levels. ArrowStream cleanses, merges and maps data from your supply chain partners into a single, easy-to-understand view. Actionable dashboards and analytics focus your attention on business opportunities and threats.

Increase contracted spend

More spend under contract means greater cost control and consistent product quality. The ArrowStream supply chain visibility solution keeps watch and directs your purchasing team towards opportunities to consolidate suppliers or put new products under contract.

Prevent stock outs and obsolete inventory

Delight your customers by ensuring you have inventory at the right place and time. ArrowStream displays your inventory levels across every part of your network and alerts you to potential issues.

Prevent rogue purchasing

Rogue purchasing can be as high as 3% of your contracted spend. Beyond this, we’ve found that you’re paying 12% higher prices for these off-contract items. ArrowStream analyzes your spend and contract information to provide clear dashboards that identify off-contract spending events.