How much time, money, and attention do you spend chasing and recovering the last month’s price discrepancies? It doesn’t have to be this way. With ArrowStream you can audit 100% of your contracted spend, and take a preemptive approach to eliminating price discrepancies by automating the examination of contract price updates and streamlining communication between you and your supplier.

Solution Benefits

Contract Pricing Auditing

Confirm you paid the right price

Up to 2% of contract spend is incorrectly invoiced. The ArrowStream platform protects your profit margins by automatically reviewing all invoice details to confirm you're billed the contracted price.

Proactively manage supplier agreements

Clear metrics and proactive alerts on expiring contracts improve awareness of contract information and help you to plan future price negotiations.

Work with suppliers to update your contract prices

Improve communications and reduce your costs by assigning pricing updates to suppliers. ArrowStream’s advanced price update workflow ensures both parties are in alignment and have signed off on any pricing changes.

Spend less time auditing invoices

Reliance on spreadsheets and other potentially error-prone methods of storing pricing information eats up time and makes it difficult to quickly identify savings opportunities. ArrowStream saves you time by automatically categorizing your spend, allowing you more time to take action and less time cleaning up data.