Inventory QuickStart

Immediately see & address critical distributor inventory issues

Developed for quick deployment and ease of use, Inventory QuickStart is designed to help restaurant chain operators succeed in a "new normal," with faster, cleaner, and more intelligent visibility into supply chain inventory.

Solution Benefits & Features

Protect your brand now & in the future

Inventory QuickStart is business critical in helping restaurant operators plan for re-opening stores, manage supply shortages and track product substitutions, no matter their size or operational state.

Whether your business is currently in a steady state or maneuvering changes, fast access to data on product movement across the supply chain and configurable exception-based analysis will put operators in a better position to anticipate and manage supply chain disruptions in the current challenging environment and beyond. 

No effort or upfront fees are required for users to gain access to invaluable insight to quickly manage supply chain inventory, and as it's designed to be used as part of a long-term supply management strategy, operators can ensure maximum control now and in the future.

Key product features & data

Automated monitoring and visibility minimizes an operator's risk against stock-outs, obsolete inventory and lost sales. Inventory QuickStart's features include:

  • Daily distribution center (DC) inventory & product movement visibility across items
  • Inventory alerts & runout tracking on pre-selected proprietary and/or critical items
  • Configurable DC inventory dashboards & reports
  • Configurable extracts of DC inventory data to feed offline analysis


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Major Features

Inventory QuickStart Dashboard

Inventory QuickStart Dashboard

Configurable DC inventory dashboards & reports

Configurable DC inventory dashboards & reports

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