Built for the foodservice industry, ArrowStream integrates multiple capabilities into a unified sourcing solution – all on a single platform. Harness spend analytics and contract information to identify potential sourcing opportunities. Through easy-to-use sourcing workflow and inquiry tools, connect to ArrowStream’s database of 8,000 foodservice suppliers. Make optimal decisions and link award details directly to ArrowStream’s contract and invoice auditing solution and ongoing supplier collaboration.

Solution Benefits

Strategic Sourcing

Source with a structured and repeatable process

ArrowStream drives a repeatable sourcing process. Unite contract information, spend analysis and other sourcing targets in a central Sourcing Calendar. From there, execute automated sourcing events that collect critical data from suppliers with clear analytics to assist your decision making process.

Reduce research time and find suppliers that serve the foodservice industry

Connect with suppliers that already do business in foodservice by accessing the ArrowStream network of over 8,000 suppliers. View detailed supplier profile information to find potential partners that offer the products, services and distribution footprint your organization needs. Easily send out anonymous inquiries to select suppliers to obtain more information for your sourcing needs and invite the ones that fit to future sourcing events.

Drive better purchasing decisions and improve results by sourcing more often

Building and executing a plan to regularly source your products can save you up to 18%. Assess and verify market pricing by receiving competitive bids. Use this data to strike the optimal balance between cost, quality, service and supplier relationships.

Reduce complexity and shorten the duration of sourcing events

Make life easier for you and your suppliers through a sourcing workflow tool that simplifies the communications of product specifications, pricing and distribution information. Studies show that technology-enabled sourcing results in events that are 4-15% shorter. Receive data in a standardized, evaluation-ready format that enables easier analysis.