ArrowStream enables users to capture all of their negotiated pricing terms and contract components within a central repository for supply chain teams and their partners. Teams enter and access contracts and pricing faster and easier, and reduce manual work while saving time and improving efficiencies.

Solution Benefits

Foodservice contract management software

Prevent pricing errors and discrepancies

An intuitive design and integration with ArrowStream’s Pricing Portal improves processes to prevent price entry errors and discrepancies. Advanced price update workflows ensure your team and suppliers are in alignment and have signed off on any pricing changes. Users can be confident that they’re optimizing costs, efficiencies and increasing accuracy with smart features that automate data entry and other administrative tasks that contribute to errors.

Proactively manage expiring pricing

Alerts and notifications promote proactive management by keeping your organization ahead of expiring pricing and guides users to take action so teams can easily compare documented pricing against distributor systems to identify discrepancies before they happen.

Identify opportunities to optimize spend

ArrowStream’s Contract Management solution powers a suite of price and spend analysis tools, allowing teams to automatically audit and categorize 100% of their spend to quickly identify savings opportunities, allowing more time to take action and less time cleaning up data.

Reduce time and manual work managing contracts

More automation for administrative tasks reduces manual workload for teams. Speed up the process by simultaneously updating pricing for multiple items, copying freight details from one item to another, automating pricing communications with partners and quickly finding contracts with advanced global search capabilities.