ArrowStream combines detailed data on over 200 commodity markets with expert analysis and price analysis tools. Our team of commodity experts monitor markets daily to identify trends and provide guidance on future outlook. With this market intelligence and ArrowStream’s analytics platform, we produce reports, forecasts and price benchmarking dashboards for major restaurant chains and food suppliers.

Solution Benefits

Commodity Intelligence

Maintain awareness of market changes and their impact on your product costs

Let ArrowStream's expert guidance help you to make optimal purchasing decisions based on market conditions, trends and potential changes.

Approach sourcing negotiation armed with data

Rely on the most current commodity price forecast to ensure you benefit from or hedge against market changes.

Tailor projections for your core product

Harness the expertise of ArrowStream's commodity team to develop custom forecasts for your key products.


Data, Reports & Analysis Gain access to data and expert analysis on over 200 commodity markets. Receive daily, weekly and quarterly reports that allow you to understand the trends and better anticipate market changes.
Monthly Price Forecasting Price forecasts for up to 200 commodities adjusted monthly (by month), 12 to 24 months out. Also includes all commodity reports, tools, and an assigned commodity adviser.
Product Cost Benchmarking Through interactive dashboards, compare your product costs to commodity market prices. Use this analysis to approach contract negotiations or pricing updates armed with the most current commodity price data to ensure you benefit from or hedge against market changes.