In the restaurant business, one quality issue can lose a customer for life. ArrowStream will accelerate your response time and improve your quality issue closure rates. With alert-driven complaint management, resolution workflow and quality trend analytics, you will not only recover more credits from suppliers, but pinpoint overarching issues with a specific product or supplier before they spread.

Solution Benefits

Quality Incident Management

Reduce incident resolution times

The ability to respond quickly to quality events has never been more important. Issues are recorded at store level then shared with critical trading partners. Corrective actions are put in place and issues are resolved 50% faster than the previous manual solutions.

Quickly recover credits

With our "true credit matching" capability, your credits are matched against invoices to confirm resolution. Intuitive state-of-the-art dashboard reporting gives you a clear view into what is still outstanding.

Use data to drive partner accountability

Harness data captured across all incidents to gain clear visibility into the performance of your suppliers. Clear quality metrics provide a transparent scorecard for you and your partners.

Increase quality issue transparency

Communicate and collaborate in real-time within your organization and across supply chain partners. Ensure all parties work together toward the timely resolution of issues.