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Lost in restaurant supply chain data?


OnDemand leads you where you need to go. Restaurant purchasing and supply chain professionals use OnDemand’s unique headline-driven interface to see the day’s biggest opportunities and take action.


Reality Check

The majority of  restaurant purchasing and supply chain departments run pretty lean. Having your team spend large amounts of time collecting and manipulating data in spreadsheets in order to then start hunting for opportunities is neither an efficient nor effective way to improve the supply chain.


The Real Problem

With incomplete, unmapped, and non-current data sources, even something as simple as learning your spend across a purchasing category becomes a daunting task.

Most supply chains are full of opportunities, if you can get to the information cleanly and quickly: SKU rationalization, restaurant product compliance, expiring contracts, invoice discrepancies, and more. Teams that should be taking action instead spend their days in data administration.


What to Do

In order to focus your team, you need a solution that turns data into actionable information.

OnDemand takes it even further, by consolidating and prioritizing the most important, most immediate opportunities into a single centralized view. From there, you have instant drill-down analytics to uncover root cause, and are one click away from the tools you need to change course.

Our Solution

OnDemand empowers your team to pursue the critical opportunities and issues that are driving profitability and quality in your restaurants every day.

It starts with creating a single version of the truth: information from distributor systems is rationalized and mapped so that supply chain information shows up in your language.

With this critical data – sales, purchase orders, inventory levels and more – OnDemand brings you the insight you need, before you need it, and without your having to look for it. You will know about price discrepancies before they hit distributor invoices. You will receive inventory warnings on critical items well in advance of stock-out. You will know which items and suppliers can be rationalized to a lower price point. You will see product quality issues before they become trends.

But opportunities mean nothing without action. Fortunately, your team is using OnDemand, the most robust supply chain management toolset in the industry.

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