Are you auditing 100% of your restaurant spend?


Getting the right price to show up on a distributor invoice sounds easy. But ask any restaurant chain and they’ll tell you how many ways it can go wrong, how often it does, and how big the financial impact can be.


Reality Check

If you are not auditing 100% of your spend each month, you are almost certainly missing mistakes that hurt the bottom line of your restaurant operators.


The Real Problem

With frequent pricing updates passing between the chain, suppliers and distributors, applied to changing SKUs across multiple systems, mistakes are inevitable and price audits a financial necessity.

Unfortunately, that complexity also makes price audits extremely difficult and time-consuming – almost too much to take on.


What To Do

The right technology approach is a must-have to automate your price audits and tackle this mess quickly and comprehensively.

OnDemand’s Preemptive Audit takes it a step further: by comparing pricing updates to distributor systems in advance,  discrepancies are found and corrected before they ever impact an invoice.

No errors means no credit memos, and that means happier restaurant operators.

Our Solution

OnDemand empowers your team to pursue the critical opportunities and issues that are driving profitability and quality in your restaurants every day.

It starts with creating a single version of the truth: information from distributor systems is rationalized and mapped so that supply chain information shows up in your language.

With this critical data – sales, purchase orders, inventory levels and more – OnDemand brings you the insight you need, before you need it, and without your having to look for it. You will know about price discrepancies before they hit distributor invoices. You will receive inventory warnings on critical items well in advance of stock-out. You will know which items and suppliers can be rationalized to a lower price point. You will see product quality issues before they become trends.

But opportunities mean nothing without action. Fortunately, your team is using OnDemand, the most robust supply chain management toolset in the industry.

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