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Does your supply chain run on tribal knowledge?


You are not alone. Supply chains depend every day upon intricate business knowledge locked in the minds of a scattered group of individual experts. These experts know to allow for extra loading time by looking at a shipping address. They prevent you from overfilling a trailer by reminding you that a product needs additional air-flow around the pallets. They can tell the false alarms from the real problems. They know which contacts to call.


Reality Check

A supply chain that relies on too heavily tribal knowledge is a supply chain destined to repeat mistakes.


The Real Problem

The treasure trove of expertise is not being shared in a reliable way. We expect the experts to “push” information into a document, and the decision-makers to “pull” the information out when they need it. Neither will ever consistently do this.


What To Do

Reverse the “push” and the “pull”!

Use workflow technology to pull key insights directly into on-line notes that are tagged and tracked.

Why do this? So that six  months later, when that freight lane is under analysis again, those insights are automatically “pushed” right to the decision-maker. That’s tribal knowledge the whole tribe can use.

Our Solution

Create structured communication and workflow processes!

Crossbow strengthens the relationship between Purchasing and Logistics departments by giving both teams a window into all of their data in a centralized location. The data provides opportunity to have conversations they might not have had before. Conversations now happen within and between the teams, spreading tribal knowledge. Information and processes are documented, so ordering and routing patterns are kept consistent. Mistakes or solutions that didn’t work once are not repeated, allowing your team to remain focused on carrying out what works and uncovering new opportunities.

While Purchasing and Logistics departments have their own targets to achieve, they ultimately contribute to the same overarching goal in your inbound program. With Crossbow, you have the ability to align both teams around shared objectives and create integrated workflows to hit the targets together. Each team now has visibility into the processes of the other and better understands what the impacts of one decision have on the actions of the other.


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